A clinical trial was my best hope.
The treatment saved my life.

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The power of clinical trials

Clinical trials are highly impactful research studies that seek to find safe and effective ways to prevent, detect or treat disease. By participating, our patients are taking an active role in their own care and helping us change how we develop medicine and deliver treatment. Through patient collaboration, we’re improving the standard of care and creating a healthier world, one extraordinary moment at time.

What sets UCI Health apart?

As an academic medical center, UCI Health is uniquely positioned to advance medicine through leading-edge research and clinical trials for all diseases and conditions. We’re currently enrolling patients in more than 400 trials for a variety of conditions or diseases in cancer, digestive health, cardiology, neurology, neurosurgery and more. Our participants have access to clinical trials in all stages, with more trials available at UCI Health than at any other health system in the area.

Facts about clinical trials

  • Many patients benefit from new treatments not available to the general public
  • Clinical trials offer hope for patients with diseases that haven’t responded to standard of care treatments
  • Patients in clinical trials are also closely monitored by experts who specialize in their specific condition
  • Every trial has a plan, or protocol, that describes the study, what to expect, risks and benefits
  • Clinical trials are open to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity or gender, as long as the participant meets the eligibility requirements

Center for Clinical Research

The UCI Center for Clinical Research oversees clinical trials for UCI Health and the UCI School of Medicine. Our trials cover the full spectrum of conditions, from heart disease and neurological disorders to visual impairment and more.

Our stories

patient - Amanda Johnson and Dr. Bota

Surviving a deadly brain tumor

Newly diagnosed with glioblastoma, Amanda Johnson had few treatment options when she sought out a UCI Health brain tumor specialist. Now, more than 4 years after joining an experimental drug trial, she’s had no sign of recurrence.

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patient - Alberta Bustamante

Breast cancer patient is on the move

Alberta Bustamante came to UCI Medical Center in a wheelchair. A recurrence of breast cancer had metastasized to her bones, making it hard for her to take more than a few steps.

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patient - Dr. Susan O’Brien

How we protect clinical trial patients

UCI Health oncologist Dr. Susan O’Brien dispels common myths about clinical trials and explains how a patient’s safety is protected during any study of new therapies.

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